Warranty – OOROO Auto


No worries! Our Warranty keeps you well-covered, no matter where your travels take you.


36 month/36,000 mile nationwide warranty

You’re automatically covered by our 36 month/36,000 mile warranty (whichever comes first) on labor and parts we install, no matter where your travels take you in the United States.

If you’re less than 25 miles away from one of our shops, call us and we’ll take care of you. If you’re more than 25 miles from an OOROO shop, simply call (800) 452-NAPA from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday-Friday (EST), excluding holidays, to obtain authorization from the Warranty Administrator, who will direct you to the nearest participating NAPA AutoCare Dealer location. If there are no NAPA AutoCare Dealer locations in your area, the Warranty Administrator will direct you to a non-NAPA AutoCare Dealer location. If the non-participating Repair Facility location will not accept payment from the Warranty Administrator, you must pay for the warranty service and submit a legible copy of your original repair order and warranty service repair order to the Administrator for consideration for reimbursement under this warranty.



This Warranty covers the following types of repairs and services: air conditioning, heating and climate control systems; brake systems; clutches – clutch component or assembly repair and replacement; drive axles (differential assembly and components, i.e. gears, bearings, shafts, and seals); electrical systems; electronic engine management system and other on-board computer systems (engine, body, brake and suspension computers); cruise-control systems; emission control systems; engine cooling systems; engine performance, drivability services and repairs; exhaust systems; fuel systems; ignition systems; starting and charging systems; steering/suspension systems, wheel bearings, CV joints / U-joints, half-shafts and drive shafts; transaxles (differential assembly and components, i.e. gears, bearings, shafts, and seals).


This limited warranty is extended only to you, the original purchaser, and not to anyone who may purchase your vehicle from you during the term of the warranty. This limited warranty is made by OOROO AUTO (“OOROO”),  who is so named on the original repair order, and who performed the service/repairs on your vehicle. This warranty will be honored by any NAPA AutoCare Dealer participating in this program, or any other authorized repair facility anywhere in the United States. This warranty is not a warranty by National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA), its employees, jobbers, member companies, or the administrator, Sonsio Administrative Services, LLC, its affiliates, subsidiaries or any of their employees, or member companies. Sonsio Administrative Services, LLC serves as the administrator only.


OOROO AUTO warrants that the covered repairs and services performed at their location will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 36 months or 36,000 miles of use, whichever comes first, measured from the date of the first repair and the odometer reading shown on the original repair order. This warranty is conditioned on the vehicle being subjected only to normal, non-commercial use, and receiving reasonable and necessary maintenance during the warranty period. Warranty repair costs shall in no case exceed the costs of the original repair or service. This warranty will not apply to your vehicle if it has been damaged by abnormal use, misuse, neglect, accident, or alteration (by other than OOROO Auto employees). If there is a defect in either materials or workmanship within the warranty period, OOROO will have the option to either perform remedial service work at no charge to you, replace the defective warranted part(s) without charge to you, or refund to you the entire charge for the warranted repairs, minus any previous refunds or credits.


You must pay for any non-warranty service you order to be performed at the same time as the warranty service. This Warranty does not cover parts and labor due to normal wear and tear. OOROO’s employees and/or agents do not have authority to modify the terms of this warranty nor to make any promises in addition to those contained in this warranty. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT IN ANY WAY INCLUDE INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (additional expenses which you may incur as the result of faulty repair or service). THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER REPAIR(S) OR REPLACEMENT(S) EXCEPT AS LISTED IN THE SECTION, “WHAT IS COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY,” EVEN THOUGH THE FACILITY MAY OFFER OTHER SERVICES. SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED ARE ANY REPAIRS INVOLVING USED OR SALVAGED PARTS, CUSTOMER SUPPLIED PARTS, SUBLET REPAIRS, AND OR REPLACEMENT OR REMOVAL OF INTERNALLY LUBRICATED PARTS AND OTHER SUCH REPAIRS AS LISTED BELOW.


Automotive repairs and services excluded from the nationwide limited warranty include but are not limited to: engine – any internal repairs or replacement of internal components, or replacement of engine assembly (excluding external engine seals and gaskets); transmission – automatic and manual, any internal repair or component replacement (excluding external transmission seals and gaskets); any repair or materials related to auto body, paint, glass, and/or molding repair work; tires; batteries (excluding Hybrid Drive Battery replacements); preventative maintenance services – oil changes, fluid changes and flushes, wiper blades, filters (excluding belt and hose replacement); repairs performed on any vehicles with a GVWR greater than 19,500 lbs (commercial use vehicles with a GVWR up to 19,500 LBS are covered by a 24-Month/24,000 Mile Warranty).




STATE OF CALIFORNIA ONLY: A buyer of covered products or services has the right to have warranty service performed during the warranty period. The warranty period will be extended for the number of whole days that the vehicle has been out of the buyer’s hands for warranty repairs. If a defect exists within the warranty period, the warranty will not expire until the defect has been fixed. The warranty period will also be extended if the warranty repairs have not been performed due to delays caused by circumstances beyond the control of the buyer, or if the warranty repairs did not remedy the defect, and the buyer notifies the warranty administrator of the failure of the repairs within 60 days after they were completed. If, after a reasonable number of attempts, the defect has not been fixed, the buyer may return his vehicle for a replacement of parts, if applicable, or a refund, in either case, subject to deduction of a reasonable charge for usage. This time extension does not affect the protections or remedies the buyer has under other laws.