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Auto Repair Services – Inspections

End of Warranty Inspection

Bring your vehicle or truck in for a comprehensive inspection once your manufacturer warranty ends, and we will create a profile of it based on its current condition, known issues with make/model, and the way that you use it. From there we will recommend a regular care schedule based on mileage or time elapsed so that you are fully aware of everything that is going on with your vehicle. At each appointment we will discuss any issues you may have had since your last visit and check all your vehicle’s major systems for faults. Problems are often simpler (and cheaper!) to remedy if they are caught early. Should a problem arise between appointments, we will get your vehicle back to perfect health with the same manufacturer-approved parts we use for the duration of your extended warranty.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Be confident about the vehicle you are looking to buy. Pre-purchase inspections involve examining the vehicle’s overall condition. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect all systems on the vehicle to insure you are purchasing a safe vehicle. Before you buy it have the vehicle inspected to help prevent costly repairs.

Pre-Trip Inspection

Before embarking on a trip, you should make sure your vehicle is fully inspected for safety. Our experts are dedicated to ensuring you have a safe trip.

Our Mission

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