7th Annual Joyride Recipients – OOROO Auto
The Roadmap

February 2, 2024

Every holiday season, OOROO has the honor of offering the gift of free auto repair to families in need through our annual Joyride Program. This program is made possible by the thoughtful nominations submitted by all of you in our Tucson community. In fact, we’ve just wrapped up our 7th annual Joyride nominations to surprise two very deserving recipients, Kash and Nicole, chosen by our volunteer panel of local judges.

We know what it means to us to help families in need every year through this program, but it is even more touching to hear what it meant to one of our recipients:

“OOROO went above and beyond my expectations. As a disabled veteran and stay at home dad and grandfather, my vehicle was absolutely essential to doing that job. The good folks at OOROO fixed my car of nearly every mechanical problem it had, giving me something money cannot buy in the process––peace of mind. Thank you OOROO.” – Kash T.

We were able to provide these much-needed repairs on Kash’s vehicle: timing chain and water pump replacement, cooling system flush, oil change, headlight switch replacement, front brake replacement, brake fluid flush, lower control arm replacement, rack and pinion replacement, four-wheel alignment, and clutch fluid flush. Thank you for the kind words Kash!


Here is what one nominator had to say about our other recipient this year: “Nicole is a dear friend of mine and recently she has fallen on hard times. She has required two surgeries in two months for a rare vascular problem. She is a single mother working two full time jobs and was forced to take nearly three months off of one of her jobs due to the nature of her health issue. Finances are tight for her, and she really needs to keep the only vehicle she has operational; however, due to medical bills she is forced to put off necessary repairs.”

For Nicole, we were able to provide these much-needed repairs: electronic steering motor coupler replacement, rear brake replacement, front strut replacement, four wheel alignment, spark plug replacement, fuel system de-carbon service, air filter replacement, and cabin air filter replacement. And special thanks to TreadLogic for replacing two brand new tires on Nicole’s car!

Thank you to everyone who continues to nominate and share the stories of friends in need in our community for Joyride each year!