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Oil Change

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To keep running smoothly, your vehicle relies on clean, fresh motor oil. Oil helps in lubricating, cooling, and cleaning the internal engine components, it lessens wear, reduces friction, and forms a seal between the pistons, rings, and cylinder walls. The oil also helps cool engine parts and even dampens the shock and noise of moving parts. With time, motor oil becomes contaminated. The oil used in your car has two primary ingredients: base oil and additives. The base oil allows the motor oil to perform its vital function – lubricating the engine’s moving parts to protect them against wear and tear caused by friction. The additives provide additional engine protection by helping to prevent the oil from deteriorating under the engine’s extreme temperature conditions. Your vehicle needs an oil and filter change every five months (or 5,000 miles) or so.

One of the simplest ways to know the condition of your engine is to examine the oil that drains out during an oil change. The oil circulates through much of your engine, so it is a great way to determine the overall health of your car’s power plant. Ideally, the oil should be darker than when it went in with uniform viscosity and no solid particles. Solid particles are a major concern because they mean that something inside the engine, be it a seal or anything else, is breaking apart. Engines contain a lot of delicately balanced mechanisms with only a few micrometers of space for moving parts to clear each other. Any solid particles moving through your engine can cause a massive amount of damage very quickly.

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