When Your Air Conditioning Isn't Working: 6 Reasons Why Your Vehicle's Air Conditioning Is Blowing Hot Air or Has Stopped Working Altogether! – OOROO Auto
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When Your Air Conditioning Isn't Working

October 1, 2021

When Your Air Conditioning Isn’t Working: 6 Reasons Why Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Is Blowing Hot Air or Has Stopped Working Altogether!

1. Leaking refrigerant also know as Freon 

Refrigerant helps to cool down the air blowing from your vents and is designed to be in an airtight seal. When your refrigerant is running low, it can be a clear sign of a leak and should be addressed by one of our OOROO technicians. 

2. Electrical issues

Electrical malfunctions are among the most common issues when your AC is not working the way it should. As your AC is electrically powered, if one component stops working properly, it can cause the entire system to shut down. 

3. Broken condenser

Your condenser is the most important part in your vehicle’s AC. The condenser is strategically placed in your vehicle between the grille and the radiator as it allows airflow to help in cooling the air. However, this placement does allow for dirt and debris to become lodged in the condenser. Removal of debris, such as twigs or rocks can possibly clear the issue right up. If you are still not feeling that cool breeze from your vents, there could be a larger blockage or a puncture.


4. Faulty cooling fans

Similar to the condenser, the cooling fans can be damaged by debris. Since these fans remove heat from the system, a broken fan will result in hot air blowing into your vehicle. Once damaged, the fans will need to be replaced.  

5. Bad compressor

The compressor pressurizes and distributes the refrigerant to cool down you and your passengers. A compressor is a hard working component and is susceptible to wear and tear that can break down over time. Much like how a car battery can fail after long periods of inactivity, this can also be the cause of a failing compressor. In order to keep up with maintenance, it is important to turn on the AC from time to time even during the winter.

6. Dirty Cabin Air Filter

Your vehicle’s cabin air filter needs to be regularly replaced in the same way that your air filters need to be regularly changed at home in order to keep the air inside your car as pure as possible. Some simple signs that your filter needs changed are loud noises coming from the glove compartment or a mildewy aroma coming from the air vents. 


Don’t get stuck in the Arizona heat without a working AC system. Our auto repair specialists are here for you to determine the cause of the problem and find the right solution.

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