At Work – OOROO Auto

OOROO Auto At Work

Benefits for the whole team!

Tailored to your Business

Our custom scheduling interface ensures making an appointment is seamless for all employees.

Increased Productivity

Fewer disruptions to your workday mean more productive hours and less stress.

Exceptional Service

We’re focused on relationships, not transactions. You’ll notice the difference. 

Call (520) 975-1005 to schedule a day & time that works for you.

Our certified technician will arrive at your home or work to provide professional and transparent service.

You’ll be back on-the-go with contactless payment and a detailed invoice and receipt.


OOROO Auto covers all your maintenance and repair needs.

Oil & Filter Change





Belts & Hoses


Radiators & Water Pumps

Spark Plugs



And more!

Get instant approval of up to $3000

SNAP looks beyond FICO® scores, bad credit, no credit, and bankruptcies.

SNAP gives you a 100-Day Cash Payoff option—the best in the industry.

SNAP’s quick and easy application process means you won’t waste time.

Apply for SNAP Finance

If there’s a repair that can’t be done by our mobile technician (e.g. engines, transmissions, or alignments), we can work on your vehicle in our shop. We can even arrange for towing.

Is there a cost to the employer?

Nope! All services are paid for directly by the employee. 

What does the HR professional need to do to facilitate services?

It’s easy! Set up your OOROO Auto at Work account by calling Lindsey at (520) 975-1005. Once you’re set up, simply forward the automated reminder emails sent to you, to your team!

Does mobile service cost more than going to the auto shop?

No, not if you’re signed up for our services through your employer. If not, we only charge a convenience fee of $35.

How do you calculate your prices?

We use industry-standard guides and our own experience to determine the complexity of each job, how long it will take, and which parts would be most appropriate.

Tell Your Employer

We’re happy to reach out to your employer on your behalf. Just tell us who to contact at your company.