INNOVATION: Inside and Out – Podcast Episode 4: Lisa Lovallo, COX COMMUNICATIONS – OOROO Auto
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July 11, 2022

Inside and Out
Podcast Episode 4

Our fourth episode of “INNOVATION: Inside and Out,” is now available for listening!

Jeff delves into the world of Lisa Lovallo, Vice President and Market Leader, at Southern Arizona Cox Communications. A fascinating background in Corporate America trained her for this special role at one of America’s most respected family businesses. Cox Communication’s culture will surprise you.

Here’s a bit more about our guest:

Vice President at Southern Arizona Cox Communications, Lisa Lovallo is responsible for all business, community and government affairs for Southern AZ.

Raised in Tucson, Lisa graduated from the University of Arizona, first earning her BA in English. Later receiving her MBA in 2017. Before joining Cox in 2008, she was a District Manager at Procter & Gamble. When she left P&G she started her own business, North American Enterprises, building and growing this company for 14 years.

Lisa also ran for State Legislature and has taught at Eller School of Business at the UofA. She loves to golf, garden, cook, and travel!

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