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May 2, 2022

Inside and Out
Podcast Episode 2

Our second episode of “INNOVATION: Inside and Out,” is now available for listening!

Host Jeff Artzi welcomes guest Sarah Holt, Vice President of Human Resources with Pima Federal Credit Union. Sarah shares the importance of a “listening and learning culture” and a workplace that celebrates and recognizes its team members.

Here’s a bit more about our guest:

“I never imagined a career in banking; it was just a series of lucky events. I began my financial services career in the branches of Wells Fargo, advancing from teller to management. In 2011, I joined the team at Pima Federal, largely due to the credit union’s connection to Tucson’s educators, a partnership that is very important to me.”

I was raised in Phoenix and moved to Tucson more than 20 years ago. I hold both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from NAU in Elementary Education. I am also a Credit Union Human Resources Certified Professional, a designation from the Credit Union National Association. Although I love Pima Federal and my role there, my most important title and role is being a mom to my two amazing kiddos!

I started at Pima Federal as the director of our call center. From there, I moved into our Risk Management area, then briefly to our branch admin team, when our training team completely turned over. Our CEO asked me if I would be up for the challenge of that role. After doing that, our HR Director left and I ask for the opportunity to run both areas together. They took a chance on me, and I was promoted to Vice President a few years later.

My current role is one I am extremely passionate about; I have the privilege of serving our employees, who then serve our members. The HR department at Pima Federal has many responsibilities, including employee benefits administration, compensation strategy, payroll processing, recruiting, employee relations, employee celebrations/appreciation, and a lot of other small things in between. I am blessed with an amazingly supportive team and senior leadership team around me who encourage growth and career development throughout our organization.

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