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April 18, 2022

Inside and Out
Podcast Episode 1
Heather Karp, GOODWILL

We’re so excited to announce that the first episode of our podcast, “INNOVATION: Inside and Out,” is now available for listening!

OOROO’s Founder and host Jeff Artzi has a wonderful conversation with Heather Karp, the Director of Employee Services and Support at Goodwill. Learn about her unique path to HR, Goodwill’s dedication to continuous improvement, and all the amazing work Goodwill is doing in the community. You don’t want to miss it!

Here’s a bit more about our guest: 

Heather joined Goodwill in 2016 and supports almost 500 employees. She has worked to develop and foster relationships through values-based coaching and adjusting punitive mindsets to that of supportive, growth mindsets.

Heather earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, followed by a Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, which led her directly to her passion…people. She also earned her SHRM Senior Certified Professional credentials in 2021.

As with most folks in HR, it just happened. “I was always the go-to person in the office; therefore, I wore many hats at most of the organizations I worked for. Prior to moving to AZ in 2015, my jobs in LA were mostly at “mom & pop” shops/family-owned businesses. I had several titles and even more responsibilities.”

“It was in my Bachelor’s program that I took an Industrial/Organizational Psychology course and realized that HR is where I needed to be. I had finally found my passion – people. When I moved to AZ, I decided to only take an HR-centric role – no more playing catch-all.”

“When I got into HR full-time, it changed my world and I started to thrive. I got involved with SHRM of Greater Tucson and SHRM national and started networking with fellow HR professionals. I was all in. So much so, that I was the President of SHRM of Greater Tucson in 2020 and have sat on the board of Directors for years. People are the source of my passion and processes put that passion to work.”

“I am the Director of Employee Services and Support at Goodwill. We serve almost 500 full-time employees across Southern Arizona and also have 6 adult and 6 youth programs that positively impact our community. Goodwill has been around Tucson for just over 50 years (celebrated our 50th in 2019) and has grown substantially over the years. We are fostering a positive work culture with values-driven leadership and accountability and having a good time while doing it.”

We believe that Goodwill is good for our community!

AND if you want to hear more about Tucson’s best businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits, how they started, and how they’ve created unique cultures, continue tuning in to “INNOVATION: Inside and Out” on Spotify, Apple music or the podcast channel of your choice.

Thank you to Mark Bishop, founder of Mark Bishop Media, for helping to share our story at OOROO Auto….AND for producing our new podcast!