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Driving Basics to Teach Your Teen

July 17, 2018

Empty parking lots, “Hit the brakes!” and sitting at the DMV…-watching your teen learn how to drive can be a proud experience—but it can also be a nerve-racking one.

If you’re teaching your teen to drive, here are some essential lessons to share.

A walk in the PARKing lot
As experienced drivers know all too well, not every space is going to be easy to park in. One of the most valuable things you can teach your teen is how to park in a wide range of different situations, including angle parking, back-in parking, parallel parking, uphill and downhill parking, and 90-degree parking. Your teen should also know how much space to leave between the car and other vehicles to avoid dings.

Here’s a helpful video on parallel parking:

Through rain, sleet, or snow
While Arizona doesn’t get much snow or fog, we get our fair share of rain and dust storms. It’s important for new drivers to know what to do in these situations.

Often, new drivers think high beams are required, but in low visibility conditions, drivers should always opt for low beams & fog lights. Slowing down is important when driving under these conditions, but it’s important to remind your teen that braking suddenly can be dangerous. Ultimately, if visibility is severely compromised, it’s best to find a safe place to pull over and wait.

Keep Calm & Drive On
Your teen should know the basics of what to do in an emergency, whether it’s an auto accident, engine trouble, or unsafe driving conditions. Teach them how to change a tire, how to jumpstart a dead battery, and how to deal with a car accident.

Also, prepare your teen with an emergency kit for their car equipped with: a flashlight, a first aid kit, a universal lug wrench, folding emergency safety triangles, jump cables, antifreeze, engine oil, spare tire, tire jack, pressure gauge, owner manual, and a blanket.

And always remember to buckle up!

Lastly, it’s important for your teen to be driving a well-maintained vehicle. In-between driving lessons, errands, and work, though, it can be hard to find the time to do that. OOROO Auto makes it easy: Instead of you coming to us for your car care, we’ll come to you! Visit our website today to check out the auto maintenance and repair services we offer or click below to schedule a mobile service appointment.