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Take Care of
Yourself and Your Car

April 14, 2020

Our team cares about your health.

During this difficult time, we at OOROO Auto have dedicated ourselves to updating our car care solutions that help you stay comfortable and healthy at home while keeping up on your car’s needs. With the safety of our community in mind, we pulled together a checklist for spring that will help you easily take care of your car without putting your health in jeopardy. 

“For me, spring is a great time for your car to feel clean.” - Steven, Technician

Car cleanliness matters. Whether you’re still traveling to work, hitting the grocery store for necessities, or taking a drive simply to get out of the house, keeping the interior of your car clean is something easily overlooked, especially right now. We recommend storing a pack of cleaning wipes to use on your steering wheel, seat belt, and other frequently touched surfaces for when you exit your car, as an extra precautionary step. Maintaining the exterior of your car is another small piece of our routine that’s therapeutic and helps to bring normality to our lives. Plus, what better way is there to safely enjoy Tucson’s beautiful spring weather than to refresh your car with a thorough wash? 


Services to keep in mind

While we know our OOROO community’s main focus is to ensure their personal health stays in tip-top shape, we also know that summer waits for no one. As we transition into warmer spring months and inevitably the summer season, if your car sits idle and unattended for too long it’s at risk for high-impact heat damage. Here are the car parts and systems our techs recommend checking now to save you money, time, and effort later: 


“Your battery can leave you stranded if it’s even borderline going bad. The heat causes batteries to fail quickly. You’ll want to have it checked now to make sure it’s in good working condition.” – Dustin, Customer Service Advisor


AC & Cooling Systems

“Checking your coolant levels, making sure you hear the fans come on when you turn on your AC, and making sure the air blowing is nice and cool are all things you can check on your own that give you an indication those systems are working well. These are things to check before it starts to get hot outside because rising temperatures can be a trigger that causes items on your vehicle to break or wear down.” – Steven, Technician


Tire Condition & Pressure

“Check your tire pressure regularly. People don’t realize, just like when changing seasons from summer to winter, your tire pressure can go down as we go from winter to summer. You should also be aware of your tires’ condition, and have them checked if you’re not. If there’s any dry rot or cracking in the tire, the coming heat can exacerbate those issues.” – Dustin, Customer Service Advisor


Stay safe with routine maintenance

 We’re here to help you put you and your car’s health first during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and beyond without compromising on either. Our shop and mobile van continue to be open, but to provide you with flexible options, we’re waiving the mobile trip charge ($35 value) to offer you discounted at-home car care services. Our goal is to enable you to feel completely safe by staying at home while simultaneously keeping up on car maintenance. Our techs make sure to take extra care to give you added peace of mind: 

  • Your keys can be left in a safe location on your property so our mobile techs can service your car and maintain a safe 6-foot distance for your health. 
  • To prevent the spread of germs, our techs use gloves while working and wipe down your vehicle and all used equipment at the end of every service. 
  • All transactions will be processed either online (through our secure portal or mobile app) or via phone payment. 

As with our shop or mobile services, we provide the wide-range of repair and maintenance options below to ensure your car is healthy and prepped for the upcoming heat:

  • Oil & Filter changes
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance Services
  • AC/Heating
  • Alternators
  • Batteries
  • Belts & Hoses
  • Brakes
  • Radiators & Water Pumps
  • Sensors
  • Spark Plugs
  • Starters
  • Steering
  • And more!

As we keep moving forward and things evolve, we want to remind you, our OOROO family, that we are always here for you. We promise to find solutions that suit your needs and reinforce that you’re always our top priority. Stay safe, Tucson!


Our diverse team of technicians and service advisors strive to ensure our Oro Valley neighbors and Tucson friends are always safe and well-taken care of through mobile and shop services. For services that come to you, schedule a mobile visit by calling 520-975-1005 or visiting your online dashboard. To schedule a visit to the neighborhood shop, call 520-468-7171 or email info@oorooauto.com.