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The Roadmap

Bringing Innovation and Technology to the Auto Industry

June 4, 2021

Today, consumers have changing behaviors and they expect businesses to change with them.

Auto repair has been a well established industry that came to the US in the early 1900’s and continues to be highly essential for our mobile lifestyle. The industry hasn’t changed in a big way for quite some time, but innovation is finally here.

In fact, change is already underway. At OOROO, we are inspired to be a part of it, striving to help bring the auto industry fully into the 21st century through innovation and technology.

As Harvard Business School professors, William Abernathy and Kim Clark would put it, we are starting to witness the dematurity of the auto industry. “Dematurity is what happens to an established industry when multiple companies adopt a host of small innovations in a relatively short time. Those seemingly trivial moves combine to rejuvenate the old mature industry and make it young again.”

It all starts from within, and for us it first started by changing the status quo!

Customers should feel confident and cared for when they bring their cars into a shop and we help do that by providing transparency, honesty and heart in every single interaction we have.

Like many other successful industry disruptors, such as Amazon and Uber, we have set our focus on our customers and their needs, not just simply the bottom line. We have two key internal phrases we use amongst our team, “people before parts” and “relationships not transactions;” they’re repeated often as reminders of our people-first mentality.

That is why we introduced innovations like mobile auto repair into the picture.

We understand you have busy lives, so why should you have to sacrifice your time off or time with family to sit in an auto shop? That’s right, you shouldn’t!

Check out our video that illustrates who we are and what we do in less than 90 seconds:

We come to you, bringing the same level of care and expertise to your home and work that you can expect in our shops. Being among some of the first adopters in the industry of mobile auto repair, we aim to solve a need that we’re passionate about – keeping you and your family safe in your car while eliminating the frustration typically associated with auto repair and maintenance. Ultimately, providing ease in taking care of your vehicle. Mobile is just the beginning, we’re continually innovating and improving the technology we use to better your customer experience.