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Your Memorial Day Road Trip Game Plan

May 21, 2018

Memorial Day is right around the corner, which means summer travel season is here!

Chances are, this is the first long weekend you’ve had off in a few months, so you’re looking forward to a quick getaway. But wait. What about the big crowds? The extended period of time in the car? “Are we there yet?!”

Not to worry! With the following tips, you can ensure a fun and easy getaway that won’t become more work than vacation.

Think outside the ordinary

You want to pick a destination that will make everyone happy, but the most popular destinations will generally be the most crowded. Think outside the box! Find a place where you’ll be doing more than waiting in line like camping in central or northern Arizona. Areas like the Verde Valley and the Mogollon Rim can offer a quiet retreat outdoors. If your family prefers to stay indoors, a quick excursion to Flagstaff or Prescott will make for a fun local road trip where you can escape the heat and experience some of the state’s unique history.

Create a killer playlist

Music will be your best source of entertainment on the road, but if you’ve traveled with your family before, you may be all too familiar with the trouble of finding music that everyone can agree on. Take song suggestions from the family, encouraging everyone to choose a top 10 list of their favorite summer jams. Put your playlist on shuffle, and you’ll have some tunes everyone can look forward to.

Don’t have the time to make a playlist? Press play on ours!

Check out your car before you head off

The last thing you’ll want to deal with on a short vacation—or any vacation, for that matter—is car trouble. Taking the time to check out your tires and pop open the hood to check fluid levels can mean the difference between a great trip and a roadside disaster. You should also spring for a professional wash and vacuum service or consider getting the car detailed if it’s feeling a little less than fresh. Sitting in a clean car will be much more enjoyable than fighting through a mess to find the steering wheel.

Happy Travels!

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