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Tucson Means Business

March 21, 2022

Looking for a new podcast to listen to on your daily commute?

Go check us out on Tucson Means Business, a podcast all about Tucson Businesses and local business professionals!

Tucson Means Business E76: OOROO Auto

If you’ve been following us at OOROO for a while or are just hearing about us for the first time, we’d love for you to give us a listen using the link above, where you can hear from our Founder and CEO, Jeff Artzi, our Chief of Staff, Lindsey Wiederstein and our Community Ambassador, Savannah Ellwood as they discuss all things OOROO.

Ever wonder where the name came from, how we got our start or what technology and innovative new features we are bringing to the auto industry here in our local town of Tucson? Wonder no more! We discuss all the ins and outs of the business, how we set ourselves apart through our company culture, and how we’re giving back to the community we love.

AND if you want to hear more about Tucson’s best businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits, how they started, and how they’ve created unique cultures, tune in to our very own podcast “INNOVATION: Inside and Out” on Spotify, Apple music or the podcast channel of your choice.

Thank you to Mark Bishop, the host of Tucson Means Business and founder of Mark Bishop Media for having us on his podcast and helping to share our story at OOROO Auto….AND for producing our new podcast!