Tucson Daily Star: For this auto shop, culture, community are the foundation – OOROO Auto
The Roadmap

Oil Changes

August 3, 2022

OOROO Auto is the brainchild of Jeff Artzi, its founder and CEO, and he is building the company on a simple principle: culture matters. As he said, “What a business does is simple — they repair cars. How they do it is also pretty straightforward — with parts and expertise. The question that differentiates the business is harder to answer — why they do it.”

When talking about his business, the question of why is when Artzi’s passion and commitment really comes to the fore. For Artzi, and everyone at OOROO, it’s all about why. Why do they come to work? Why do they build a business?

Their answer is simple: to take care of people, and to build a team and culture based on that principle.

“It’s about relationships, not transactions. It’s about people, not parts,” Artzi says.

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