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Spring Cleaning for your Car

April 11, 2018

Have you been using winter as an excuse not to wash your car? Don’t worry—you’re not alone! With the weather warming up, it’s time to give your car some much-needed love with a little cleaning and maintenance.

Including the following, often neglected, tasks on your spring cleaning checklist will give your car new life for the season when the sun is shining, and the open road is calling.

Washing your windows (inside and out!). Clean windows are a must if you want to stay safe while you’re driving. You may have given your windows and windshield a quick wash at the gas pump, but there’s no substitute for a careful cleaning with the right materials. If you have a habit of wiping the inside of the windshield with a towel, be sure not to skip washing the insides of your windows to eliminate those lingering streaks and water stains.

Wiping down the dashboard. Your car’s dashboard is a prime place for dust, and it can settle in some hard-to-reach places—including the knobs, the air vents, and the cup holders. Along with affecting the appearance of your interior, the dust can aggravate allergies and make it difficult to see your dashboard lights. Take the time to clean every surface on the dashboard and center console and keep some quick cleaning wipes handy to reduce your effort next time you go for a deeper clean.

Cleaning your carpeting and upholstery. Your car seats and floors will inevitably absorb a lot of dirt over time, not to mention the sticky stains and spills that are the bane of any car owner. A thorough professional cleaning will help to make your vehicle feel—and smell—as good as new again.

Checking on your wheels. Dirt and brake dust can take a toll on your car’s wheels over time. The start of the spring season is an excellent time to wash all the built-up debris out of your wheels. You can also clean out your wheel wells and wash and dry your tires to keep your car looking great.

Replacing your windshield wipers. Spring often brings showers with it—which means that you need to have working windshield wipers to drive safely. If your wiper blades are looking dull—or if they’re more than a year old—you should switch them out for new ones before the monsoon season starts.

As a part of your spring cleaning routine for your car, don’t forget about repair and maintenance! When you’ve got a busy schedule, OOROO Auto takes the stress out of caring for your car. Instead of you coming to us, we’ll come to you—no matter where you are!