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Signs that Your Car Might Have the Flu

February 12, 2018

Flu season is in full swing and while we may be able to recognize flu symptoms in ourselves, can you recognize if your car is feeling a little under the weather?


Dark, gritty oil? Loud engine? Sounds like you might need an oil change!

Oil changes are an important part of maintaining your car in tip-top shape. While the 3,000 miles or 3 months rule is a decent rule of thumb, drivers should refer to their car owner’s manuals which specify the correct mileage or time-span between oil changes necessary.

Not only do oil changes keep your car running, but they also keep your wallet happy. Truth is, if you don’t change your oil in a timely manner, you run the risk of ruining your engine, costing you thousands of dollars or even worse, leaving you without a car. Oil changes are a small price to pay to keep your engine healthier.

Slow to accelerate? Spending more time at the pump? Blame your spark plugs!

What’s a car without a spark? Spark plugs are a critical component of the internal combustion engine and the signs they’re malfunctioning may be more subtle than your car not starting. Each vehicle requires a particular type of spark plug made from specific materials and with a designated spark plug gap that is set by a mechanic during installation. Good spark plugs will burn fuel efficiently, while bad or failing spark plugs can cause the motor not to start at all.

Vibrating pedal every time you come to a stop? Every red light, car comes to a screeching halt? Check your brakes!

When your car starts making abnormal sounds or feeling “off”, start investigating the issue sooner rather than letting the condition worsen. Waiting will only lead to more expensive parts wearing out and requiring replacement. For example, rotors start to warp and become damaged when completely worn brake pads and shoes exceed their lifespan, shortening the life of healthy parts due to the metal on metal grinding that occurs.

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