Realistic Resolutions: Attainable Goals for the New Year
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Realistic Resolutions: Attainable Goals for the New Year

January 1, 2020

We’ve all been thinking it, “where did this year go?” Our 2019 has flown by and it’s time to look ahead to a new year—and a new decade! Our OOROO Auto family wants you start the year off with your best foot forward, so we came up with our top four realistic resolutions to keep your days bright in 2020 and beyond. All of them can be achieved in small ways that create a big, positive impact on your day-to-day life. These are truly attainable goals that everyone can set, meet, and benefit from. Check them out below!


Take 10 minutes for yourself every day

On a weekly basis, it can be easy to lose sight of “self-care time” in our hectic schedules, but finding balance is vital for mental and physical health. Try carving out at least 10 minutes of your day, every day, by doing something that speaks to you to help you recoup and rebalance. Some of our favorite me-time activities include reading, walking or getting outside, or simply unplugging to have a moment of quiet time.


Daily checklist

What better way to keep track of your daily life than with a checklist? If you don’t already make checklists, try starting now. They’re a lifesaver! They can live on a chalkboard, whiteboard, notebook, or on your phone—whatever works best for you. If you already make checklists, then our top tip is this: lighten your load sooner rather than later and begin each day by accomplishing the toughest (time-consuming, challenging, etc.) task on your list. By facing these demanding tasks head on at the most productive part of your day, you may experience a few energizing reactions: empowerment (to get your other tasks done easily), relief, optimism, and more!


Do things that help you achieve peace of mind

If you’re ready to take more time for yourself, try out things like meditation, exercise, and healthy eating habits—especially consistent hydration—on a weekly basis. Changes like these make achieving peace of mind and balance attainable. Another way of achieving peace of mind? Minimizing stressors, especially last-minute concerns that can lead to unplanned expenditures. Take care of business now and keep up with regular maintenance, whether it be paying bills on time, going to the doctor, or other responsibilities.


Save more money

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more money? We agree! Make 2020 the year of green by saving where you can. Unplanned costs and bills have a tendency to keep people from saving, even though they can be, a lot of times, avoided. Things like car care, doctor’s appointments and bills, and other costs can be avoided with consistent maintenance.  At OOROO Auto, we help you maintain your auto care with friendly reminders, scheduling that suits your lifestyle, and honest pricing. By visiting us for regular maintenance, you can save for things that you want, instead of sudden car repairs. 


No matter your goals or resolutions for the upcoming year, from the bottom of our hearts, we hope you have a wonderful and safe New Year! See you in 2020.


Stay safe and avoid car issues this holiday season by keeping up with your regular car maintenance. OOROO Auto makes it easy to stay up-to-date with your car’s routine maintenance with auto care services in Oro Valley and mobile services in Tucson. If you’d like to learn more, call us today at (520) 468-7171 for neighborhood shop services or (520) 975-1005 for mobile services.