6th Annual Joyride Recipients – OOROO Auto
The Roadmap

January 26, 2023

Every holiday season, OOROO has the honor of offering the gift of free auto repair to two families in need through our annual Joyride Program. This program is made possible by the thoughtful nominations submitted by all of you in our Tucson community. In fact, we’ve just wrapped up our 6th annual Joyride nominations to surprise two very deserving recipients, Raymond and Rose, chosen by our volunteer panel of local judges.

We know what it means to us to help families in need every year through this program, but it is even more touching to hear what it meant to one of our recipients:

“When I listened to your voicemail, I kept listening to it over and over again to make sure it was REAL! And it was – Brilliant, I said to myself! I have been trying to fix my car for over two years consistently. When I would fix something, then another thing would break.  Winning this Joyride has made life so much safer and easier for my daughter and me. I am so thankful to God and OOROO Auto for giving me this great blessing.” – Rose

Thank you for the kind words Rose, and thank you to everyone who continues to nominate and share the stories of friends in need in our community for Joyride each year!