5th Annual Joyride Recipient – OOROO Auto
The Roadmap

January 5, 2022

Happy Holidays from our OOROO team to you!

Every holiday season, OOROO has the honor of offering the gift of free auto repair to a family in need through our annual Joyride Program. This program is made possible by the thoughtful nominations submitted by all of you in our Tucson community. In fact, we’ve just wrapped up our 5th annual Joyride nominations to surprise a very deserving family, chosen by our esteemed panel of local volunteer judges.

For many people, their car is or directly affects their livelihood. For this hard working family of 6, the importance of safe and functioning cars are crucial to their well being and also their family owned business. With their other vehicle dedicated toward work, they rely on their Honda Civic for their family, grandkids and all of the other business needs. When their car broke down, it not only affected the work they do and their home, but also took away their peace of mind having a vehicle they could not rely on.

We are so glad to be able to lend a helping hand to a family and fellow local business owners that truly needed it over the holidays. In total, through partnerships and support from the incredible teams at TreadLogic, Catalina Towing, and Merle’s Automotive Supply, we were able to: fix an oxygen sensor, repair wiring, do an oil change, replace a clutch line, some bulbs, filters, service the manual transmission, replace the belt, engine mounts, front and rear struts, front lower control arms, front lower ball joints, sway bar links, and new tires.

We know what it means to us to help families in need every year through this program, but it is even more touching to hear what it meant to our recipient and her family:

“I wanted to thank everyone at OOROO Auto again for everything you have done for me and my family. You took a car that I was so stressed over, I was afraid to put my granddaughter in. And you transformed it. You made my car so safe that I feel safe going anywhere in. You all made a HUGE difference in my life that I can never thank you enough for. I took the car home and when my granddaughter wanted to go to the store with me I didn’t have to tell her no. It was a great feeling! She was extremely thrilled to be able to go to the store with me again as well. She even noticed the difference in the car she said, “Grandma listen, your car is not sick anymore. It’s quieter. Yeah.” I told her it was thanks to the guys and gals at a place called OOROO Auto. She told me that we need to make you all cookies for fixing the car and not making it be sick anymore. Your assistance in giving me the peace of mind that comes with a car that is dependable again is worth more than just cookies, but please be on the look out for them to be delivered any day. You all have gone way above and beyond what we hope you could do for us. My Family and I all hope that you ALL have a Blessed and great new year!!!! Thank you again.” – Patti and her Family

Thank you for the kind words Patti, and thank you to everyone who continues to nominate and share the stories of friends in need in our community for Joyride each year!