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OOROO Auto Provides Holiday Help Through Joy Ride Program

December 31, 2018

Think of all the people who rely on their car every day, whether it’s to get to work on time, transport their children to school, or go to the doctor for important medical care. Now think of the challenges those people face if they need car repairs—and they can’t afford them. Every holiday season, OOROO Auto offers the gift of free auto repair to a family that needs it through the Joy Ride Program.

About OOROO Auto’s Joy Ride Program
Each year, OOROO Auto chooses a family in need to be the Joy Ride recipient. The program pays for up to $1,000 worth of repairs for them and covers repair and maintenance for problems that would make a vehicle less safe. Joy Ride is part of the OOROO CARES program, which works to help the Tucson community through fundraising and donations to local organizations.

About Treasures 4 Teachers of Tucson
This year, the winning family was picked by Treasures 4 Teachers of Tucson. Treasures 4 Teachers is a volunteer-run nonprofit that works to provide teachers with donated classroom materials, from school staples such as pencil cases and bulletin boards to craft supplies such as yarn and popsicle sticks. Since many teachers are now expected to provide many of the supplies for their classrooms, Treasures 4 Teachers makes that job easier by repurposing usable items that would otherwise go to landfills. If you want to help out teachers, students, and the environment, supporting Treasures 4 Teachers is a great way to do it!

OOROO Auto is proud to give back to the Tucson community by supporting a wide range of local schools, charities, and other organizations through the OOROO CARES program. If you’d like to learn more about our car care services, give us a call today at (520) 975-1005.