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In the Name of Love

February 12, 2020

Heart is our middle name.

At OOROO Auto, every day is another opportunity to show our Tucson friends and neighbors car love through shop and mobile services alike. When the day is done, however, our team doesn’t stop there. In the name of love, they go the extra mile to treat their cars, and even the cars of their loved ones. 

What are the most under-rated services you never miss when caring for your own car?


Lindsey, Customer & Community Relations Coordinator: Two small things—I try to change out my wiper blades often and check my tire pressure frequently. In Arizona, we don’t use our wiper blades as often so they can be easily neglected (until that monsoon storm hits and we realize our wipers are old and cracked!). If my tire pressure light comes on, I get the pressure checked and tires filled right away because driving with low pressure can make your tires wear out faster.

Ricky, Technician: Headlights are a component that can be an afterthought. If you own your vehicle for a length of time, the natural wear and tear of driving makes the headlights foggy, which makes it harder to see when driving at night and can make a car appear older than it needs to. That’s why I have my vehicle’s headlights restored periodically.



Leroy, Director of Operations: Power steering fluid flushes and brake fluid flushes are the most neglected services I see in working with customers day-to-day. They’re both so important and typically need to be changed every 30K miles or so.  

Jack, Mobile Customer Service Advisor: One of the next most major components on a vehicle after the engine is the transmission, so I keep up on my vehicle’s transmission services. The transmission fluid typically needs to be changed every 30K-50K miles, depending on the vehicle manufacturer and type of transmission fluid.

"I stay on top of the service for it so I know my wife and daughter are safe in it."

What’s something that you do to maintain your car that’s on behalf of your significant other?


Lindsey: My husband hates leaving trash and random things in our vehicles, so I make a big effort to clear out my car regularly. I feel like I live in my car and am prone to leaving bags, shoes, and all kinds of other things in it. I try to keep up with it when I know he’ll be in my car! 

Ricky: My wife and I most often drive our 2005 Chevy Silverado (over 300k miles on it!). I like to bring the truck to OOROO to have another technician service it. It feels good not to do the work on my own vehicle and I trust anyone here to do it well. I stay on top of the service for it so I know my wife and daughter are safe in it.

Leroy: My wife hasn’t filled her own gas tank in 20 years. I do the little, but most often needed things for her vehicle such as, fill it with gas, change the oil, and give it a bath. 

Jack: I put the seat up for my wife when I’m done using her vehicle because she’s about a foot shorter than me. I liken it to putting the toilet seat down.

If you gave a candy heart to your car this Valentine’s Day, what would it say?



Having a car in Tucson is vital; they’re with us through thick and thin to get us where we need to be. How do you take care of your car to say thanks for all that it does? Share with us on social media! 


Our diverse team of technicians and service advisors strive to ensure our Oro Valley neighbors and Tucson friends are always safe and well-taken care of through mobile and shop services. To schedule a visit to the neighborhood shop, call 520-468-7171 or email For services that come to you, schedule a mobile visit by calling 520-975-1005 or visiting your online dashboard.