Holiday Travel Car Checklist
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Holiday Travel Car Checklist

November 16, 2019

At OOROO Auto, we’re getting into the holiday spirit. The time is here for visiting and celebrating with friends and family, experiencing new places, and getting out of Tucson for some winter fun. We know that traveling by car is a common practice for holiday-goers, and we’re making sure your car is in prime condition for traveling in snow or low temperatures with our holiday travel car checklist. If road trips are in your future, these are the top things our OOROO Auto technicians recommend to get checked before you hit the road so you and your family stay safe:  


Coolant Exchange
Engine coolant should be checked regularly to ensure maximum engine protection under extreme temperature conditions. If you’re headed into snowy or low-temperature climates, make sure you get your coolant checked and exchanged if needed. 


Wiper Blades
Old wiper blades can get extremely hard in cold temperatures, making it even more challenging to see when it’s raining or snowing. Switch yours out before heading out of town so you’re prepared for any weather that you come across. 


Tires & Tire Pressure
As temperatures drop, your tires’ pressure drops, too. It’s important to maintain proper pressure, throughout the year, so your tires don’t wear poorly and you don’t experience flats while on the road. 


It’s always good practice to have your brakes checked before going on any road trip, add in the potential of icy or snowy roads and it’s a must. Get your brakes inspected to ensure their best performance during winter conditions.


Batteries are more likely to fail in extreme temperatures. For longer trips, we recommend having your battery tested, and the cables inspected for corrosion. Servicing the battery (and cables) will prolong its life span, especially in cold temperatures. 


Oil Change
Checking your oil and changing it out before any trip is always a good idea. Doing so for long trips is even more important so your car is in great running order for traveling to and from Tucson.


Our top goal at OOROO Auto is to keep Tucson and Oro Valley drivers safe with the highest-quality and most convenient auto care around. Schedule your appointment with our neighborhood shop or mobile services—we’ll take care of the above so you can check at least one more thing off your holiday to-do’s!



Stay safe and avoid car issues this holiday season by keeping up with your regular car maintenance. OOROO Auto makes it easy to stay up-to-date with your car’s routine maintenance with auto care services in Oro Valley and mobile services in Tucson. If you’d like to learn more, call us today at (520) 468-7171 for neighborhood shop services or (520) 975-1005 for mobile services.